AIDS Prevention Society has undertaken several programmes in relation to health and family welfare services, in the states of Assam & Meghalaya . AIDS Prevention Society has been routinely carrying out immunisation of children including Pulse Polio Immunisation , health check up, School health Programmes, providing nutrition to children, ante natal, post natal and safe delivery services to pregnant mothers under the Primary Health and Family Welfare Services Programmes of the organisation besides the Maternal & Child Health and RCH Programmes of the organisation.


AIDS Prevention Society, Assam , has initiated from 1st March 2002 implementation of an ambitious five year project in Guwahati, Assam , first of its kind in the North East India - " the Integrated Health Services Project for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in Guwahati,Assam ". A major part of the project is supported by the European Commission for which an MoU was signed between the AIDS Prevention Society & the European Commission in December 2001. APS would mobilise additional resources to meet the cost of the project which includes several scientific research based on several issues related to MTCT.

The overall goal of the project is to prevent Mother to Child Transmission of HIV among women of child bearing age in Guwahati, Assam state of North East India . The Project proposes to provide integrated health services to women of child bearing age and young women for prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV. Under the Project , preventive strategy formulated would provide field based intensive education, information and communication about HIV/AIDS and its prevention to women of child bearing age specially young women over a period of 5 years in identified urban slum and semi urban areas of Guwahati city and its adjoining areas in Assam in North East India so that they can protect themselves from the infection. There would be strengthening of Maternal to Child Health Services so that Mother to Child Transmission prevention of HIV can be integrated. VCT services will be integrated with MCH services during ante natal visits through four health centres established within the project and will be offered after the intensive education session so that HIV infected women can reduce pregnancies and those who are already infected and pregnant can be provided ARV ( Anti Retroviral ) prophylaxis during pregnancy and provide ARV(Anti Retroviral ) prophylaxis to the infant supported by Infant Feeding Counseling . VCT will ensure women to take informed decisions about safer sex , having children and a healthy life style which will be linked to family planning services and to prenatal and obstetric services .

As the prevalence of HIV in ante natal clinic in Assam is still very low , the objective of the project is to reduce acquisition of HIV/STD by women of child bearing age by enhancing the knowledge about basic facts and prevention of HIV/STDs and encouraging them to adopt safer behaviours as part of Primary Prevention , Strengthening MCH services & integrating VCT during ante natal visits , Reduce pregnancy among infected women, Reduce MTCT among infected pregnant mothers providing ARV prophylaxis ( which will be very less in number ) and counseling on breast feeding.

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