Focus Area


As a regional level NGO & AIDS Service Organization of North East India ,  the society is committed to fight the spread of  HIV/AIDS  &STDs  and improve the  overall  health  status  of  the  people  in  the  region and undertake massive Harm Reduction Programs for Drug users.


  • Targeted Intervention Programmers for slowing down the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C and other Blood Borne Infections  in North East India among Injecting Drug Users (emphasizing Harm Reduction), Sex Workers, MSM , Truck Drivers, Migrant & Mobile Population & Street Children
  • Comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in the community & Care & Support Programmes for People Living With HIV / AIDS (PLWHA)
  • Policy & Advocacy towards access to essential medicines in the North East India & access to OI & ART medicines for PLWHA
  • Reproductive and Child  Health Programmes (RCH) and MCH.  Implement Reproductive Health programs ( RCH), strengthen Mother & Child Health programs, address child labor, child marriage , population control through small family norms, prevent trafficking  of women and children, violence against women & children &  health programs for Women, Children, Youth & Students.
  • Women, Children, Youth & Students, Street Children  – development & health programmes including education , skill development and employment generation for them in collaboration with the Government
  • Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission ( PPTCT) of HIV & expanding VCTC services in the region
  • Widows, Orphans & those affected by the AIDS epidemic
  • AIDS Vaccine Initiative & Resource Centre for HIV/AIDS information dissemination including research on HIV/AIDS/STD issues
  • Infectious & Communicable Disease prevention & related public health programmes on Non Communicable Diseases ( NCDs)
  • To create collaboration between TB and HIV programmes, reduce the burden of TB among people living with HIV and the burden of HIV among TB patients.
  • Research and Training on Communicable and non-communicable diseases ( NCDs) including lifestyle diseases.