AIDS Prevention Society , Chairman cum Medical Director, Dr S I Ahmed  published  several papers on  different   health issues  and  presented several of them  before the international forums at  international  conferences , workshops and meetings  since 1991 .  Some of  these publications  are :

  1. “Truck Drivers as Vulnerable group in the North East India ” – 1991
  2. AIDS & its related issues – 1992
  3. North Meets South to Share Outreach Experience – a joint paper written with The SHOW Project of Whitman-Walker Clinic at Washington DC , USA – published joint paper sharing experience of the SHOW project & the APS Injecting Drug Users Project in 1993
  4. The Spectrum and Chronology of HIV infection & AIDS – 1994
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Workforce on AIDS in North East India – 1997
  6. Impact of community involvement to reduce HIV transmission among drug users – 1997
  7. Referral System for STD Management among Truck Drivers along the highways At 12th World AIDS Conference , Geneva, Switzerland – 1998
  8. Nutritional Counseling for people living with HIV/AIDS & their families – the APS experience-1999
  9. Formulating effective strategies to make treatment services for Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STDs accessible to Truckers and to Women who sell sex along the National Highways in India – 2000
  10. “AIDS Workforce in North East India “ – formulating effective network of General Medical Practitioners & Non Governmental AIDS Service Organizations in providing Care and Support – 2000
  11. Economic factors in development and accessibility of AIDS Vaccine in developing countries – 2000 – presented in Cairo for IAPAC
  12. Effective approaches to provide STD Management services for women who sell sex in unorganized sector to prevent HIV/AIDS in North East India -2000
  13. Preventing HIV/AIDS in urban slums in North East India in women who sell sex in unorganized sector – 2001
  14. Ways & Means to prevent HIV/AIDS with emphasis on role of students and teachers
  15. HIV/AIDS epidemic in Assam , India – the Reality & the Response -2001
  16. Sensitization and involvement of the community can make harm reduction for Injecting drug users effective for prevention of HIV infection. – 2001
  17. Developing and Strengthening Prevention Strategies for HIV Positive injecting drug users – in 2002 at XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona .
  18. Reaching Out Effectively to Injecting Drug Users in Guwahati city in Assam, India – at 14th International Conference on the Drug Related Harm ,Chiang Mai , Thailand 2003
  19. Ensuring family care & community support for injecting drug users living with HIV/AIDS in North East India – 2003.
  20. “Integrated Health Services Project for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Assam ,North East India”- 2005 presented in Bangkok , Thailand
  21. The Epidemic of HIV/AIDS in North East India – 2005
  22. “HIV Infection Among Transport Workers Operating Through Siliguri-Guwahati National Highway , India ” – published in JIAPAC (Journal of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care – Chicago , USA) ) – March 2007
  23. “METAMPHETAMINE IN NORTH EAST INDIA” – selected for presentation at the 1st Global Conference On Methamphetamine: Science, Strategy and Response, September 15th and 16th in Prague, Czech Republic (2008 Global Conference on Methamphetamine)