• Improve the overall  health status of  disadvantaged, poor  & marginalized  population in North East India
  • Prevent HIV/AIDS /STDs – building awareness of HIV infections & promote safe and responsible behavior in the community
  • Expand VCTC services & provide HIV/AIDS treatment education & provide Care & Support to PLWHA ( People Living With HIV/AIDS ) without stigma
  • Prevent Infectious & Communicable Diseases  &  address related public health  programmes on Non-Communicable Diseases ( NCDs) , Alcoholism and Tobacco consumptions.
  • To create collaboration between TB and HIV programmes, reduce the burden of TB among people living with HIV and the burden of HIV among TB patients.
  • Research and Training on Communicable and non-communicable diseases ( NCDs) including lifestyle diseases.
  • Implement Reproductive Health programs ( RCH), strengthen Mother & Child Health programs, address child labor, child marriage , population control through small family norms, prevent trafficking  of women and children, violence against women & children &  health programs for Women, Children, Youth & Students
  • Conduct AIDS Research &  collaborate in AIDS Vaccine Initiatives
  • Develop & maintain APS’s human resources, physical infrastructures and organizational systems
  • Make Advocacy for sound AIDS related public policy and individual rights & policy on access to essential medicines
  • Foster community through human connection and advocate supportive environment for people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by the epidemic & establish & promote networks in the region
  • Address Harm Reduction for Drug users, massive drugs  awareness programmes  for youths, Students, Women’s groups ,  teachers, parents, community leaders, political groups , law enforcement and different defense services.